Environmental Consciousness

MCP aims continuously to develop our products with the latest technology to ensure that we are the world leader air conditioner manufacturer. One of the crucial point that makes us to be the world leader, is to develop the enviornmental friendly products such as:

  • Ozone friendly: Applying new refrigerant CFC free :R410A (HFC)
  • Energy saving: We conduct research and then develop componenets that consume less power energy. As a result, we have won several international standards for energy efficient products.
  • Plastic recycling: Make re-use of sub standard plastic parts by returning them to plastic injection process,The plastic component can be used as recycle part.
  • Non-organic solvent residue in painting process: Paint in our production process is the paint which is free of lead, mercury and cadmium residue.
  • Recycle parts: Employ recycle process on parts such as foam and card board materials.
  • All Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners have been designed to fulfill the restriction of the use on certain Hazardous substances (RoHS Directive)

As a result of our effort, our products passed the internationally recognized Environmental Protection Management Standard such as ISO 14001 and RoHS Standard

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